Crime and Corruption do not merely constitute an intriguing holiday theme (and having common characteristics with the area of Dark Tourism͛); but they also constitute a bitter reality counting many victims. Tourism is a globalised business sector impacting the livelihood of millions of people in all parts of the world. As any other big business͛, where significant circuits of capital and information, and power imbalances exist, tourism is fertile ground for corruption and economic crime.Concurrently, the globalised scope of the tourism industry renders it into a very challenging field of action for national legislators and law enforcement agencies. Novel tourist experiences, interactions with unknown environments and places, and a sense of freedom from care, represent core elements of the holiday experience.


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Prof Stavros Katsios @ Ovidius University, Konstanza, Romania

Professor Stavros Katsios (GeoLab) at the 13th International Conference of Ovidius University, Konstanza, Romania "Present Issues of Global Economy"


Υπογραφή MOU μεταξύ GeoLab και MDI


Ν.Δ. Μάμαλος: Το Εξομολογητάριον του μοναχού Δανιήλ - Εισαγωγή για μία ιστορική πηγή του 19ου αιώνα
Η Διαφθορά ως Πρόκληση για τη Διακυβέρνηση και ο Ρόλος της Κοινωνίας των Πολιτών
Ruth A. Roland: Οι Διερμηνείς ως Διπλωμάτες [πρόλογος-μετάφραση Σταύρος Κάτσιος]
Σταύρος Κάτσιος: Η Διαφθορά ως Πρόκληση για την Κρατική Κυριαρχία



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