GEOLAB is the platform of the GEOLAB INSTITUTE. It is partly used under license by the Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses an independent research unit of the School of History, Translation-Interpreting (Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting) of the Ionian University, in Corfu, Greece.

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YTC2017 Introduction in GreekYTC2017 Introduction in Greek
N.D. Mammalοs - Geolab Working Paper 2016/1N.D. Mammalοs - Geolab Working Paper 2016/1

Το Εξομολογητάριον του μοναχού Δανιήλ. Εισαγωγή για μια ιστορική πηγή των αρχών του 19ου αιώνα

GeolLab an IntroductionGeolLab an Introduction

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YTC 2017 Preliminary Conference ProgramYTC 2017 Preliminary Conference Program
Political Communication SeminarPolitical Communication Seminar

Views on alternative History

YTC 2017YTC 2017

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The Xylella threatThe Xylella threat
EU sanctions and the failure of the EEASEU sanctions and the failure of the EEAS


Showdown in Eastern UkraineShowdown in Eastern Ukraine

A non-existend state is meeting it's limits 

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N.D. Mamalos: Το Εξομολογητάριον του μοναχού Δανιήλ - Εισαγωγή για μία ιστορική πηγή του 19ου αιώνα
Corruption as a Governance Challenge and the Role of Civil Society
Ruth A. Roland: The Interpreters as Diplomats [translation Stavros Katsios]
Stavros Katsios: Corruption as a Challenge to Sovereignty

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