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- International Economic Relations and International Economic Crime

Governments and international organizations regard transnational organized crime (including terrorism) as a principal security threat of the 21st Century. This course will examine both the institutional and legal framework for combating this threat in the framework of the global economic transactions and capital flows. Topics to be addressed include institutional structures against corruption, human trafficking, narcotics, asset forfeiture, tax evasion through the use of offshore tax havens, and illegal weapons exports; the character of the global legal regime and the role of international institutions and standards, and the involvement of private service providers.


- International Politics

The course enquires into the nature of international politics and the role of general theory in advancing the understanding of it and aims by discussing currents problems and issues to provide a range of concepts, ideas, and perspectives to enable students to widen their understanding of international politics and global problems.


- Introduction to Economic Science

This course is an introduction to the field of economics. It gives an idea of the range of behaviors that economists investigate, introduces the students to the basic tools that are used to analyze the economy, and apply these tools to public policy issues. The course is focused on introducing Micro- and Macro-economy and on the economic approach to public or personal decision-making.


- Seminar Political Communication

The seminar-course Political Communication is an interdisciplinary field is designed to explore intersections of communication, media and journalism studies, political science and sociology. Accordingly the course’s structure focuses on the media their role their work and relationships to citizens in particular the effects on cultural issues, traditions and their impact on public opinion and the development of civil society.

Unweaving the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing System - Dr Dionysios S Demetis

Despite the onslaught of legislative initiatives surrounding AML/CTF, it is difficult to make any conclusive remarks on the effectiveness of the broader system that attempts to control money laundering and terrorist financing. Based on his new book on 'Technology and Anti-Money Laundering', the speaker will unravel much of the complexity surrounding AML and offer practical advice for financial institutions.

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Seminar for Political Communication

Visions of alternative History (SS 2017)

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BOOK @ Springer International: YELLOW TOURISM Crime and Corruption in the Holiday Sector
"Yellow Tourism" - Crime & Corruption in Tourism"
Moral Responsibility in the WWW > Top ten "Public Book Awards"
N.D. Mamalos: Το Εξομολογητάριον του μοναχού Δανιήλ - Εισαγωγή για μία ιστορική πηγή του 19ου αιώνα

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