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The GEOLAB INSTITUTE is a research and educational institution operating since 2000 as an independent, virtual network of researchers across the world. The network envisions a world in which the diverse and complex regional and global governance and cultural issues are identified, understood, and innovatively resolved. 

The Laboratory for Geocultural Analysis is founded in 2002 as an independent research unit of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, School of Human Sciences of the Ionian University in Corfu. Laboratory for Geocultural Analysis serves the educational and research needs in the subjects of International Relations, Economic Geography, Geopolitics, Political Science, Comparative Law, Diplomatic History, International Economic Relations of the European institutions, the Intercultural Studies and Foreign languages, Countries and Cultures. The highly interdisciplinary research and academic work of the Laboratory is supported by individual actions and research programs that are projected through the GEOLAB platform. GEOLAB is the executing body of the Mission of the UNESCO Chair of the Ionian University.

The Laboratory for Geocultural Analysis is not financed from the state budget. Economic support comes from institutions, associations, companies and individuals who have an interest in scientific research funding institute engagement areas. Other sources of funding are the European and international programs, to provide scientific services and expertise services, while a part of its budget on operating expenses is available through the institutional budget.

The Laboratory for Geocultural Analysis is oriented to international cooperation and action. The publications are in different languages and with regard to monographs and books are made in cooperation with Papazisis, Athens. The researchers publish articles, occasional, working and briefing papers, as well as newsletters.

Towards new ideas and approaches to contemporary issues GeoLab establishes a series of annual lectures where known scholars and thinkers offer a unique central speaking on specialization or enscholisis. Finally GeoLab takes part the public debate on national and international issues by participating, hosting or organizing conferences, seminars and roundtables.


Support Our Work

GEOLAB relies on gifts, grants, and endowments to support our work and programs. Since the institute does not grant degrees, we do not receive tuition money to offset our operating and program costs.

 GEOLAB's public ID number in the EC Transparency Register is: 199729415897-46



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The Privacy Policy applies to personal data that GEOLAB collects and processes, within its electronic pages among other activities.

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When submitting your application for participation in an event, GEOLAB collects the data specified in the participation form, which is necessary for promoting information material, replying to any request and personalized communication and realizing its training and information objectives. Some of your personal data (photos and audio-visual footage) may be taken and published during and after the event in the framework of GEOLAB’s communication activities. If you do not agree with these processing of your personal data, please inform the person responsible for the event using the contact information and explicitly specifying your request.

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GEOLAB's DPO: Professor Stavros Katsios  e-mail:

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O GLOBO Brasil (2011) - Interviewing Professor Stavros Katsios
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