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Yellow Tourism Track in ICC6 2019


Why DOD 2019? Humans experience a wide array of disasters that generally fall into two categories: natural disasterssuch as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc.; and unnatural, or man-made, disasters such as wars, explosions, wildfires, chemical spills, etc. Such disasters wreak havoc and provoke extensive and large-scale devastation, and carry extremely serious financial repercussions for nations, organizations, and individuals.



Ιmprovements with Respect to the Locals: the Development Proposals of the Greek Traveler Panayiotis Potagos to Africa and Asia's Populations of the late 19th century


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The United Nations' 17th ThessisMUN simulation, which takes place every year in Thessaloniki, organized by the University of Macedonia, was completed with great success. The Ionian University through Geolab, and the academic head of the Director of the Laboratory of Geocultural Analyses, Professor Stavros Katsios, was once again present with a 16-member group from the Department of Foreign Languages Translation and Interpreting.


UNESCO Chair Publication: Diploma Dissertation «Rebuilding tourism for the future: COVID-19 policy responses and recovery»
O GLOBO Brasil (2011) - Interviewing Professor Stavros Katsios
Corfu2021 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
BOOK @ Springer International: YELLOW TOURISM Crime and Corruption in the Holiday Sector



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