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Despite the long, deep and multilevel relations between Russia and Greece no independent research foundation or academic research programme exists in Greece catering for the vast range of themes and topics permeating Russian-Hellenic Ushakov's fleet in Corfu 1799relations, Russian Policy in the Mediterranean basin and even the Russian presence globally.

The answer is the newlly introduced "Russian Hellenic Programme" (RHEP) and its main vehicle the "Ushakov Research Centre"  (USHARC), in cooperation with experts and academic staff from the Ionian University and other Universities and Research Centers in the framework of the existing University Institute “GEOLAB - Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses” in Corfu.

Corfu’s historical connection with Russia makes the island a logical and ideal location. We chose to call the Research Centre after the Saint blessed warrior Admiral Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov (1744-1817).

Admiral Ushakov was a unique naval warrior who has never suffered a defeat or a loss of a ship and was responsible for the modernization of the Russian Navy in the 18th century; his military operations are still carefully studied in naval academies worldwide today – over 200 years later. 

Admiral Ushakov Order (Russia)

Taken the above into account, Ionian University through GEOLAB embraces Admiral Ushakov’s philosophy: "always open to new ideas and original solutions". Admiral Ushakov personifies a rare combination of adamant character and of administrative qualities, a combination so badly needed nowadays. The Russian order of Admiral Ushakov is dedicated to such great men and women of service. Further he embodies the historical nexus between Russia and the Greek world as well as the european identity of Russia and its global perspectives.

Apart from the benefit to Russian - Hellenic relations, the USHARC would bring international prestige to Corfu, and to serious participants and supporters, and attract research grants and other forms of support. It is anticipated that reciprocal contacts with putative partners, and study expeditions, will form part of the continuing research programs. 

The USHARC is conceived as a research centre in the framework of GEOLAB for area and comparative studies maintaining the character of a specialized program on Russia and Greece; indeed the main focus of USHAC work and research is based on political, economic and social developments in Russia, Greece and Europe, concentrating mainly with the history and developments in Russian and Greek political, cultural and religious relations and issues and the Russian present and future role in the Mediterranean basin. 






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