Upon activation of the Protocol of Mutual Understanding and Cooperation signed on September 15, 2014 between the ELGO Dimitra and the Laboratory of Geocultural Analyses of the Ionian University, granted books, magazines, records and supportive their equipment Institute Olive Corfu in the care and management of the Laboratory (2083 / 31.12.2014). The years-long non-staffing and abandonment of the Institute Olive Corfu with staff, in conjunction with moisture problems, non-custodial, squats etc. have resulted in serious danger of destruction of this material. The purpose of this grant is to rescue and recovery of this spiritual wealth of Corfu.

The Corfu Olive Institute (COI) was first and foremost an Institute of National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) of Greece. Founded 1957 it offered important work to growers and since 1988 received virtually idle. In 2013 the Board of Directors of ELGO Dimitra decided to reopen the COI. Specifically, organized in Corfu, as autonomous unit concerning the olives and quality olive oil, as part of the thematic Institute Olive-Subtropical Plants of ELGO Demetra which is based in Chania, Crete. This structure which is currently staffed with one researcher is included in the organizational structure of the agency, according to which the 52 Institutes and Stations former ETHIAGE were reorganized into 11 Institutes.

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