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The Ionian University and GEOLAB at ΤHESSISMUN 2018
The Ionian University and GEOLAB at ΤHESSISMUN 2018

Coordinator Dimitris Nikolaidis

- Elena Koukoura (Bosnia and Herzegovina, CoE)
- Valencia Kumulu (Spain, NATO)
- Vassiliki Markou (Switzerland, 1st Committe of the GA)
- Anastasia Kanaveta (Croatia, HRC)
- Anna Vassilaki (Mauritius, CRPD)
- Maria Eleni Ilaridou (Switzerland, 3rd Committee of the GA)
- Eleni Petrou (Cuba, UNESCO)
- Eleni Anessiadou (Switzerland, 2nd Committee of the GA)
- Dimitra Sachatzidou (Switzerland, HRC)
- Sapporo (Senegal, HRC)
- Christina Christaki (Croatia, NATO)
- Isaac Pagonidis (San Marino, CoE)
- Stavroula Petakou (Switzerland, CoE)
- Maria Mourava (Croatia, CoE) Verbal Mention


New book on Corruption by Prof. St. Katsios and the Post doctoral Researcher I. Blatsos published in KALLIPOS Open Academic Editions
UNESCO Chair Publication: Diploma Dissertation «Rebuilding tourism for the future: COVID-19 policy responses and recovery»
O GLOBO Brasil (2011) - Interviewing Professor Stavros Katsios
Corfu2021 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City

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Professor Stavros Katsios

Postal Address:
7, Tsirigoti Sq., GR-49132 Corfu, Greece 

Tel.: +30 26610 87238 (Director)

       +30 26610 87251, 26610 87252 (Research Assistants and helpdesk)