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NRΕ | DR Nikolaos Koutras

Lecturer in Law, Curtin Law School, Curtin University, Western Australia

Nikos obtained a PhD in Law from Macquarie University (Australia) in April 2018 and a PhD in Political Sciences from Ionian University (Greece) in March 2015. During his first PhD at Ionian University, he was a part time research fellow in the School of Information and Informatics where he worked on a research project related to the open access repository of the Ionian University library and its operation framework. During his PhD at Macquarie University, he worked as part time research fellow with Dr Aashish Srivastava, School of Business and Law at Monash University on a research project regarding the Consumers Right Directive 2011/83/EU. Since completion of his PhD in Law, Nikos held post-doctoral positions at the Faculty of Law of University of Trento (Italy) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Antwerp (Belgium), respectively, conducting research on open science, governance and the implications to copyright regulations in the European Union. He has also supervised eight research scholars for their master’s dissertation on topics related to intellectual property law. Nikos has over 10 years of experience in conducting research in the fields of policy and law. He was working as Postdoctoral researcher on the copyright law and open access governance involved in Belgium and Visiting Professor on European Union Law for the master’s program (i.e. LLM) offered from the Faculty of Law of the University of Antwerp (2017-2019).



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