GeoLab member of the Greek Terminology Network of the European Commission

To ensure coordination of Greek terminology used in EU texts, the European Commission took the initiative for the establishment and operation of a terminological support network of the Greek Translation of the European Union institutions Services and in general of translation work and public administration in Greece and Cyprus.

Objectives of the Network is to establish and use mutually acceptable Greek terminology and improving communication quality in the Greek language. It is a space of communication and contact between bodies and institutions of the public and the private sector under the Commission's auspices to gather terminological material, performance emerging conditions in Greek and proposals for improvement of the available resources (mainly IATE), quality improvement serological work and better use terminological resources, databases and information systems and computer tools in the translation.

The Geocultural Analysis Laboratory is a member of the Network from January 2016, focusing on the following areas:

Financial (financial, banking, accounting, statistics, international economic relations)

Natural resources (energy, environment, climate, agriculture, fisheries)

Law (law and social sciences)


Moral Responsibility in the WWW
N.D. Mamalos: Το Εξομολογητάριον του μοναχού Δανιήλ - Εισαγωγή για μία ιστορική πηγή του 19ου αιώνα
Corruption as a Governance Challenge and the Role of Civil Society
Ruth A. Roland: The Interpreters as Diplomats [translation Stavros Katsios]

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