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IU at ThesisMUN 2018

The United Nations' 17th ThessisMUN simulation, which takes place every year in Thessaloniki, organized by the University of Macedonia, was completed with great success. The Ionian University through Geolab, and the academic head of the Director of the Laboratory of Geocultural Analyses, Professor Stavros Katsios, was once again present with a 16-member group from the Department of Foreign Languages Translation and Interpreting. The coordination was assigned to the student Nikolaidis Dimitris who not only received a honorary mention in the UNESCO committee, representing Senegal but was also elected President of the Council of Europe for ThessisMUN next year. The participants, most of whom were newcomers to the world of MUN, were enthusiastic saying that they intend to actively engage in such conferences. Participants came from the second and especially the third year of DFLTI and were:

- Elena Koukoura (Bosnia and Herzegovina, CoE)
- Valencia Kumulu (Spain, NATO)
- Vassiliki Markou (Switzerland, 1st Committe of the GA)
- Anastasia Kanaveta (Croatia, HRC)
- Anna Vassilaki (Mauritius, CRPD)
- Maria Eleni Ilaridou (Switzerland, 3rd Committee of the GA)
- Eleni Petrou (Cuba, UNESCO)
- Eleni Anessiadou (Switzerland, 2nd Committee of the GA)
- Dimitra Sachatzidou (Switzerland, HRC)
- Sapporo (Senegal, HRC)
- Christina Christaki (Croatia, NATO)
- Isaac Pagonidis (San Marino, CoE)
- Stavroula Petakou (Switzerland, CoE)
- Maria Mourava (Croatia, CoE) Verbal Mention


UNESCO Chair Publication: Diploma Dissertation «Rebuilding tourism for the future: COVID-19 policy responses and recovery»
O GLOBO Brasil (2011) - Interviewing Professor Stavros Katsios
Corfu2021 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
BOOK @ Springer International: YELLOW TOURISM Crime and Corruption in the Holiday Sector

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