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Christian Population by Country

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As of 2010, there were 2.2 billion Christians around the world, or about one-in-three (32%) people worldwide. This makes Christianity the world's largest religion.

About half of all Christians are Catholic (50%), while an estimated 37% of all Christians belong to the Protestant tradition, broadly defined to include Anglicans as well as independent and nondenominational churches. The Orthodox Communion, including the Greek and Russian Orthodox, make up 12% of Christians. And people who belong to other traditions that view themselves as Christian (including Christian Scientists, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses) make up about 1% of the global Christian population.

The greatest share of the global Christian population is in Europe (26%), followed closely by Latin America and the Caribbean (24%) and sub-Saharan Africa (24%). Significant numbers of Christians also live in Asia and the Pacific (13%) and North America (12%). Less than 1% of the world's Christians are found in the Middle East and North Africa.

Most Christians (87%) live in countries where Christians are in the majority. Of the 232 countries and territories included in the Global Religious Futures project, 157 have Christian majorities.

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